Couple/Marriage Therapy

“Finding my best friend and lover to grow old with has been my greatest joy.”

And I would add, the biggest and hardest job!  Unfortunately, our families, schools and society have not always done the best at modelling and teaching us how to have the personal empowerment and interpersonal skills to realize healthy, satisfying relationships. We might start out all starry-eyed but then the newness wears off or outside forces stretch us thin, such as, jobs, raising kids or battling an illness.  Sometimes we get desperate and start looking for love in all the wrong places. Whatever your situation is, I’m here to help.

What can you expect in couples therapy?

We will spend several sessions gathering relationship history, getting to know one another, and identifying goals.  Then I’ll see each partner separately to get individual histories.  After this, the real work begins – prioritizing goals, identifying and understanding each partner’s core needs, focusing on how you two want to reach your goal(s):  working on communication skills, creating trust and connection, learning to be vulnerable and honest, as well as identifying your relationship dance and where you get stuck, among others.

I approach couples therapy from an Attachment Theory lens and pull from several therapies and intervention approaches such as, EFT, PAIRS, and Prepare and Enrich that you can read more about Here and in Resources.


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