When it comes to my philosophy of sustaining the happiest, healthiest life is to strive for balance.  Struggles, stressors, defeats, and sadness – though all uncomfortable – are necessary for a vibrant, growing life.   So in my vocation of helping others towards their best life – we develop the strength, confidence, and path to manage and grow through and from life’s challenges.  We can’t always control what befalls us but we can control the elements that maintain our balance and growth.

Another important philosophical tenet that is foundational to my therapeutic work is that I believe everyone – no matter what differences we may have, such as, values, life decisions, social class, gender preference, race, political views, religion, etc.   –  are valuable, unique souls that deserve honor and respect. I believe in unconditional regard and radical acceptance.

And finally, the greatest gift of all, is LOVE.  I strive to provide and encourage this in all my client relationships by showing compassion and care.   As I write this, the critic in my head says, “man, you sound so idealistic”, and my hopeful side responds, “how do you graze ideal without it!”  And there you have it, a perfect example of balance.

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