In addition to my family, growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska had a huge influence on who I am as a therapist. The magnificent untouched outdoors, harsh climate, and down-to-earth people instilled in me a love for nature, a deep sense of community, and care for others. My clients say that I am warm, compassionate, sincere, and authentic – thanks Alaska!

So why did I become a therapist?

A huge part of my journey has been exploring how to do what I love most, helping others. I taught for about ten years, mostly science and math (and coached basketball among other activities). Then I wanted to help students individually, so went back to school for a Master’s in School Counseling. I did that for about eight years. Then I took a break from professional work and did the harder work of raising two kids. My husband was in the Navy so having one of us at home was important. Once kids were launched (yay!), I acted on my long held dream to be a therapist and help big people. Back to school I went (ugh!).

I earned my Master’s of Science in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at San Diego State University, interned at San Diego Hospice and the Vet Center at Liberty Station as well as three years as an intern in a private practice. Now after this long journey, I have my own practice focused on helping others through their life challenges, healing past trauma (emotional injuries), and realizing healthy, rewarding relationships!

I bring a wealth of experience and life-earned compassion. Let’s get started on your journey!

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